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Portable Tool Box Divider Trays - Compatible with Craftsman VERSASTACK

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3D printed dividers that fit inside the Craftsman VERSASTACK System 10-Compartment Plastic Small Parts Organizer and allows you to organize your small parts. 

You can fit four of they trays vertically inside of one of the included containers that come with the small parts organizers.

Divider Options: No Dividers: open tray for longer/wider parts Long Divider: splits the tray into two along the long side (great for holding drill bits, nails, etc.) 4 Way Divider: Splits the tray into 4 equal size pieces (great for holding small screws, nuts, washers)



Care Instructions

Notes on 3D printed parts: It is normal to see lines (layers) on the outside of the part, these are part of the additive manufacturing process (3D printing) and are NORMAL. This part will NOT have a traditional smooth plastic surface like injection molded parts. Parts have a slightly glossy or satin sheen