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Chevrolet Big Block OEM Spark Plug Retainer

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Designed to hold larger performance (8.5 mm diameter) spark plug wire Included - 2x Two plug slot retainer - 2x Four plug slot retainer



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Notes on 3D printed parts: It is normal to see lines (layers) on the outside of the part, these are part of the additive manufacturing process (3D printing) and are NORMAL. This part will NOT have a traditional smooth plastic surface like injection molded parts. Parts have a slightly glossy or satin sheen

Customer Reviews

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Kevin H
Chevy Big Block Spark Plug Retainers

These spark plug retainers work great for holding my Chevelle BB larger diameter wires.
I have tried 3 different types of spark plug retainers that all bend over and broke.
There retainers hold up to the higher temperature and retain the spark plugs when the engine is moving.
Would recommend these spark plug retainers.