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Bluetooth Speaker Bicycle Mount - Compatible with Sonos Roam

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3D printed bicycle mount for Sonos Roam Speaker Fits Sonos Roam wireless charger.

Includes velcro straps to keep speaker secure while riding 



Care Instructions

Notes on 3D printed parts: It is normal to see lines (layers) on the outside of the part, these are part of the additive manufacturing process (3D printing) and are NORMAL. This part will NOT have a traditional smooth plastic surface like injection molded parts. Parts have a slightly glossy or satin sheen

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Richmond
Good but needs to be adjustable.

Product works as advertised. No issues with the quality and fit.

For my bike it wouldn’t fit with my drink bottle in place. I drilled new holes to move it up and out of the way. Works fine but my drill skills my let me down.

I’m hopping that the company reaches out to me so we can collaborate and make me a new one. I’ll pay again.